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Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Venture on Natural Products with Human Heart Nature

I'm an avid reader of the magazine women's health because I love the articles they include in each issue. Being fit and saving mother earth are part of my personal advocacies so this magazine fits my personality a lot. In this magazine, I've read articles in it talking about using products which are made of natural ingredients and are free of harmful chemicals. I do know a lot of shops who sell these kinds of products but the sad part is that it doesn't fit my budget.

So for a long time I had to stick with the products I've been used to using. Despite that fact, I never gave up into looking for natural and earth-friendly products which have friendlier prices.

This year - 2011, I bought another women's health magazine - and there I found my treasure. The president of Gandang Kalikasan Inc., Mrs. Anna Meloto-Wilk was featured on women's health magazine. There I read on the article about the business she has: human heart nature which sells natural products: just what I have been looking for. It was also mentioned there that it was a Filipino brand and cheaper than the usual natural products being sold in the market.

Right after reading the article I opened the website of humanheartnature and read more regarding the products as well as the mission and vision of this business. I also read that they do direct selling and that I can apply online to become a dealer. Then and there I became interested to become a dealer because I really wanted to support their advocacy.

Human Heart Nature is truly a business with a heart. It shows care for the nature and the poor. And what I like most about this brand is that it is pro-Philippines.

I know that being a dealer of Human Heart Nature, I will be helping myself and a lot more people. I now on my venture to find more people who'd like to share our advocacy. To the nature, to the poor, and to the Philippines.

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