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Monday, December 19, 2011

My Gym Buddies

Meet my gym buddies!!!

For the past years I've been going to gym but not on a regular schedule at Shape-up. It's a gym located at Cooyeesan, Baguio City. Sounds familiar? It's where Manny Pacquiao goes to have his training here in Baguio.

My dad's a member there so he convinced me to go there and workout with him too. But I didn't sign up as a member because: during my 4th year in college, I was busy with school work; during my 5th year in college, I signed up but then couldn't fit time to my schedule because the last year of college was really hectic; after graduation, I had to go down to manila to review for board exams; and now, I still couldn't register as a regular member because I'm looking forward to working and having my masters in Manila next year.

So as of the moment, I purchased a promo card: it costs P1,350, has a 1 month expiry, inclusive of 8 sessions and 1 free sessions (meaning only Php150/session), and with the promo card you are permitted to use the shower and sauna. And for me, I also take boxing lessons there, but that's an additional Php150 in payment for your coach.

So, so much for the introduction. Going to the gym is quite a hassle especially for ladies like me who wants to have everything packed. For me, I bring my toiletries, gym clothes, clothes to change to after taking a shower, shoes, towel, and of course, my kikay kit. Bringing bulky things to the gym makes my bag really heavy and very unethical.

It's a good thing that I learned about Human ♥ Nature this year. As a dealer, I've got some stock at home just in case I've got customers who need their orders ASAP. So, instead of buying small packs of my toiletries I took some of my stock. It's a good thing our products come with 50ml sizes.

Kids Natural Shampoo and Body Wash with Protein Care Tangerine Tarsier - I chose this because I didn't want to have to bring extra soap. With this product, I get to have a shampoo and body wash in one bottle. Who says this product was only for kids? I've learned from an article in Women's Health Magazine that Kids Shampoo/Baby Shampoo is generally safe and gentle because of the ingredients put into it. So best that I use Human ♥ Nature Kids Shampoo. The first time I used it I love it! I loved the way it made my hair and body felt while taking a bath. And I totally loved its scent which made my bath time extra fun. Click here to read more about this product.

Balancing Facial Wash - I personally use this at home because I've got oily skin and I get pimples every once in a while. I love this facial wash because it smells really good and it's really gentle on my skin. You can pair it up with it's Balancing Facial Toner. I also use the Aloe Vera & Guava Facial Wash. For everyone's information: the Balancing Facial Wash has bamboo beads which gently exfoliates and it regulates oil. Also the Elemi oil is a known antibacterial ingredient. --> I've got all of this information from Human ♥ Nature. Click here to read more about this product.

Feminine Wash Chamomile Fresh - I'm quite prone to Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and I've looking for a safe feminine wash ever since. And ever since I've finished my last Feminine Wash, I used Human ♥ Nature's Feminine Wash. I knew it was safe because it had no harmful chemicals in it and it's pH balanced. Ever since I've used this I really felt it was clean down there and I didn't have any itchy feeling any more. Click here to read more about this product.

Styling Cream Light to Medium Hold - I've got curly and frizzy hair - making it very hard to maintain. I've got the kind of hair that looks tamed right after taking a shower, but once it gets dry, my head looks like a Lion's head! Before, I usually use mousse because it's the only hair product that could keep my hair look tamed all day. But then mousse doesn't come in small packages so I decided to try this. And viola! From coming out of the gym shower room until the day ends, my hair is definitely tamed-looking! Click here to read more about this product.

These have been my best "gym-shower" buddies ever!

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