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Friday, February 10, 2012

Clean Freak

I'm really a clean freak. But don't get me wrong. It's not because I'm afraid that people are 'dirty' in a inferior way. I just like having things clean. And for the record, I get sick easily; my immune system isn't as productive like the normal. So, ever since hand sanitizers became a fad to keep clean and to stay away from sickness I've always brought a hand sanitizer with me.

There are a lot of hand sanitizers being sold in the market nowadays. Before, hand sanitizers were only made of gel. Now there are already spray sanitizers. Nowadays, hand sanitizers that come with a case that lets you hang it on your bag for easy access.

The most effective sanitizer are those with an anti-bacterial formula: it cleans your hands and at the same time it will kill bacteria and germs that will get on your hands.

Fact is, most hand sanitizers uses the chemical Triclosan as an anti-bacterial additive. Triclosan causes endocrinal and reproductive malfunctions.

Here are a few statements I've also researched on the internet regarding this chemical:

A chemical called Triclosan poses a health risk, as it is a toxic compound which can promote cancer. The most shocking thing is that Triclosan  is commonly found in everyday consumer goods such as antibacterial soaps, deodorants, body washes, creams, lotions, cosmetics, cleaning supplies, detergents, dishwashing liquids, and yes, mouthwash and toothpaste. - Read more from
Triclosan is a chlorophenol, a class of chemicals which is suspected of causing cancer in humans. Externally, phenol can cause a variety of skin irritation, but since it can temporarily deactivate sensory nerve endings, contact with it may cause little or no pain. - Read more from health report

I'm so glad that there is a natural, green, and safe anti-bacterial additive available, and it's being used by some healthcare products like human♥nature where I, myself, am a dealer.

We've got a line of Spray Sanitizers available and are all triclosan-free.

This is my personal favorite. I really love its scent! I feel refreshed and clean right after I apply it my hands. It comes in a 50ml and 200ml bottle. I have both. Yes. WHY? Here's a go-green, recycling, practical tip: I bring the 50ml bottle with me everyday since it very handy and portable. I use the 100ml bottle at home as a refill and for many other purposes. Read on to know.

This spray sanitizer is a very effective disinfectant so I often use it as a household tool to disinfect our table tops, door knobs, toilet seats, and the like.

You could order this from me by clicking here.

Here are more of our spray sanitizers. (Click on the name to view picture):

Human♥Nature also sells hand soap. All safe, all natural:
I hope you find a purpose to support human♥nature's advocacy and find inspiration from us.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

25 clever ideas to make life easier

25 clever ideas to make life easier

Here's a blog post I've just read and I find it really interesting. It would help us do things easier, it promotes eco-friendliness, and it brings out our creativeness.

Monday, December 19, 2011

An Earth-Friendly Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!!!!

I'd just to share this post for everyone to remember that this Christmas and New Year, we don't have to be that extravagant on gifts to show the people we love and care for. We can have an earth friendly Christmas and New Year.

A lot has been damaged for the past years and I don't want Christmas and New Year to be an excuse to continue doing so.

Every Christmas and New Year for some we distribute gifts to our loved ones. But then we use a lot of gift wrappers that just gets torn and burnt away: making a lot of trash and waste of paper.

Also, we tend to give things that most of them won't be able to use, which we know, is a waste of money.

Our clan in my mother's side has been conducting a reunion every night of January 1. During the reunion, we exchange gifts to each member of the clan (one family gives one gift to one member). Our clan consists of 15 families and we are almost 50 in our clan so imagine the numbers of gifts!

For the past years I have honestly been receiving gifts that I don't get to really use. If ever I use them, I only use them once or twice because of the reason that I don't need it. I do appreciate those gifts, even though how much I'd want to use them I just can't use them because I don't actually use those things in my personal living. Asking my relatives, they've been experiencing the same thing.

So, early this October, I suggested to the clan for each of us to make a wishlist. I noted that they put things they really need and will use. But of course, they have to take note of the prices of the things they wish for because all of us have a budget in gift giving. With this, we are sure that the ones we'd be giving a gift to would surely use it and it would be a good value of money for the giver.

Another thing is that right after the reunion all of us open our gifts together at the reunion venue. We gather all the gift wrappers used and just burn them in the fire place. My cousin opened this up to me and I thought that it's definitely a big waste seeing the number of gifts being wrapped in our reunion. So my cousin suggested that we use recycled wrappers, newspapers, recycled paper bags, and the like, in wrapping the gifts this year.

So as a result are these pictures of the gifts under our Christmas Tree:
Christmas gifts wrapped in newspaper

Recycled paper bags

I'm sharing this hoping that those who read this would be inspired to do the same and keep Christmas and New Year earth-friendly.

Happy Holidays everyone!!

My Gym Buddies

Meet my gym buddies!!!

For the past years I've been going to gym but not on a regular schedule at Shape-up. It's a gym located at Cooyeesan, Baguio City. Sounds familiar? It's where Manny Pacquiao goes to have his training here in Baguio.

My dad's a member there so he convinced me to go there and workout with him too. But I didn't sign up as a member because: during my 4th year in college, I was busy with school work; during my 5th year in college, I signed up but then couldn't fit time to my schedule because the last year of college was really hectic; after graduation, I had to go down to manila to review for board exams; and now, I still couldn't register as a regular member because I'm looking forward to working and having my masters in Manila next year.

So as of the moment, I purchased a promo card: it costs P1,350, has a 1 month expiry, inclusive of 8 sessions and 1 free sessions (meaning only Php150/session), and with the promo card you are permitted to use the shower and sauna. And for me, I also take boxing lessons there, but that's an additional Php150 in payment for your coach.

So, so much for the introduction. Going to the gym is quite a hassle especially for ladies like me who wants to have everything packed. For me, I bring my toiletries, gym clothes, clothes to change to after taking a shower, shoes, towel, and of course, my kikay kit. Bringing bulky things to the gym makes my bag really heavy and very unethical.

It's a good thing that I learned about Human ♥ Nature this year. As a dealer, I've got some stock at home just in case I've got customers who need their orders ASAP. So, instead of buying small packs of my toiletries I took some of my stock. It's a good thing our products come with 50ml sizes.

Kids Natural Shampoo and Body Wash with Protein Care Tangerine Tarsier - I chose this because I didn't want to have to bring extra soap. With this product, I get to have a shampoo and body wash in one bottle. Who says this product was only for kids? I've learned from an article in Women's Health Magazine that Kids Shampoo/Baby Shampoo is generally safe and gentle because of the ingredients put into it. So best that I use Human ♥ Nature Kids Shampoo. The first time I used it I love it! I loved the way it made my hair and body felt while taking a bath. And I totally loved its scent which made my bath time extra fun. Click here to read more about this product.

Balancing Facial Wash - I personally use this at home because I've got oily skin and I get pimples every once in a while. I love this facial wash because it smells really good and it's really gentle on my skin. You can pair it up with it's Balancing Facial Toner. I also use the Aloe Vera & Guava Facial Wash. For everyone's information: the Balancing Facial Wash has bamboo beads which gently exfoliates and it regulates oil. Also the Elemi oil is a known antibacterial ingredient. --> I've got all of this information from Human ♥ Nature. Click here to read more about this product.

Feminine Wash Chamomile Fresh - I'm quite prone to Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) and I've looking for a safe feminine wash ever since. And ever since I've finished my last Feminine Wash, I used Human ♥ Nature's Feminine Wash. I knew it was safe because it had no harmful chemicals in it and it's pH balanced. Ever since I've used this I really felt it was clean down there and I didn't have any itchy feeling any more. Click here to read more about this product.

Styling Cream Light to Medium Hold - I've got curly and frizzy hair - making it very hard to maintain. I've got the kind of hair that looks tamed right after taking a shower, but once it gets dry, my head looks like a Lion's head! Before, I usually use mousse because it's the only hair product that could keep my hair look tamed all day. But then mousse doesn't come in small packages so I decided to try this. And viola! From coming out of the gym shower room until the day ends, my hair is definitely tamed-looking! Click here to read more about this product.

These have been my best "gym-shower" buddies ever!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Venture on Natural Products with Human Heart Nature

I'm an avid reader of the magazine women's health because I love the articles they include in each issue. Being fit and saving mother earth are part of my personal advocacies so this magazine fits my personality a lot. In this magazine, I've read articles in it talking about using products which are made of natural ingredients and are free of harmful chemicals. I do know a lot of shops who sell these kinds of products but the sad part is that it doesn't fit my budget.

So for a long time I had to stick with the products I've been used to using. Despite that fact, I never gave up into looking for natural and earth-friendly products which have friendlier prices.

This year - 2011, I bought another women's health magazine - and there I found my treasure. The president of Gandang Kalikasan Inc., Mrs. Anna Meloto-Wilk was featured on women's health magazine. There I read on the article about the business she has: human heart nature which sells natural products: just what I have been looking for. It was also mentioned there that it was a Filipino brand and cheaper than the usual natural products being sold in the market.

Right after reading the article I opened the website of humanheartnature and read more regarding the products as well as the mission and vision of this business. I also read that they do direct selling and that I can apply online to become a dealer. Then and there I became interested to become a dealer because I really wanted to support their advocacy.

Human Heart Nature is truly a business with a heart. It shows care for the nature and the poor. And what I like most about this brand is that it is pro-Philippines.

I know that being a dealer of Human Heart Nature, I will be helping myself and a lot more people. I now on my venture to find more people who'd like to share our advocacy. To the nature, to the poor, and to the Philippines.